The Price of Remodeling: Need a Fresh Wind?

A friend recently described that she was inspired to knock out two half-walls that divided her living room from her entryway.   She and her husband have lived in this house for decades, and she simply wanted to open up the living space.   When her husband found her knocking down the walls by herself, he was alarmed and raised the issue of whether those walls might be supporting walls.   No one wants the roof to collapse!  A friend who worked in the construction industry stopped by during the demolition process; when questioned about whether or not those walls were supporting walls, he stated that they probably were, in fact, supporting walls, but they were not essential to the construction.  In fact, the roof and ceiling in that part of the house had quite enough support to stand without the aid of those walls. Needless to say, my friend’s husband was tremendously relieved!   

As I meditated on this matter, it occurred to me that often our personal spaces (both in our homes and our hearts) are thrown in a state of disarray when we determine that remodeling (or even moving) is needed.  The transition process typically looks like a wreck before it shows the slightest signs of the home improvement we had in mind.  However, if we apply patience and presence of mind, the freshness of the new arrangement, new construction, or new home begins to emerge.   

In the movie Mary Poppins, or even the book The Cat in the Hat, children’s messes are cleaned up by magical forces that mysteriously set things in order.   How much more can a fresh wind from our Heavenly Father put the affairs of our heart in order at the end of a Holy-Spirit-ordained remodeling process!   Do you feel a shift taking place in your heart or mind, or even in the circumstances of your life and ministry?  Take heart, for the Lord will respond to your cries for His refreshing, cleansing, healing Wind to settle things in new places and re-arrange the furniture of your soul.  

When tremors begin to shake the basement of our soul, we can bet that God is about to begin a re-modeling or even a major shift in our hearts.  Some of the things in our lives and ministries that we have relied on are no longer the supporting walls we perhaps considered them to be.   The Holy Spirit desires to open up new vistas to us and move things out of the way that supported us in the past but have become hindrances, thus blocking our view of His purposes for us in this next season.

Lord, blow with the refreshing, healing wind of Your Spirit into our hearts and our lives.   Remodel, re-arrange, and shift us according to Your pleasure.  During the process, help us to be more afraid of staying the same than we are of changing!The-Fresh-Wind-Continues-400x400[1]

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