You might wonder how you can invest in East Texas Area Aglow, or what that even might mean.  There are actually multiple ways to invest in what God is doing in our area.

The most important form of investment is PRAYER.  As you pray for God to expand His Kingdom in our families and communities, as you invite Him to reveal Jesus and pour out  His unbounded love on your loved ones, neighbors, and friends, the Holy Spirit will transform you and those around you.

The second form of investment is PARTICIPATION.  You might choose to participate in your local community lighthouse by attending their fellowship or outreach meetings.   You are free to attend area events such as conferences and leadership development, where you will discover more about how Aglow functions in areas of ministry that interest you.   There are also regional, national, and international conferences, as well as short-term domestic and foreign mission trips.

The third form of investment is VOLUNTEERING your time in service to those in your local Aglow lighthouse, prayer meeting, or Bible study.  Whether you love to teach the Bible, welcome newcomers to an event, serve in areas of hospitality, personal ministry, or the arts, your gifts and talents would be most welcome!

Still another form of investment is FINANCES.  Aglow needs finances in order to develop the ministry throughout our area as the Lord directs.   To do all that God calls us to do in our area, we face expenses related to media, publication of training materials, travel , and speaker and venue fees for special events.

We’d like to invite you to prayerfully consider investing  in one or more of these ways as the Holy Spirit directs you.  Should you choose to donate funds, you can give to East Texas Area via Paypal, a secure and convenient way to transfer funds to our team.                                                          btn_donateCC_LG

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