Fire photo

Among my favorite memories from when my sons were growing up is the fun we had building a campfire and sitting around it together, sharing our stories and the news of the day.  It was a team effort from the beginning — my husband directed the steps involved (until our sons got old enough to do it themselves), and we all would gather small sticks and place the bigger pieces of wood in the pile until the wood was ready to be lit.  Then we would look in amazement when the flicker of flame ignited first the crunched-up newspaper, then rapidly spread the fire to the wood nearby.  As we continued to tend to the small fire, it would grow and spread igniting the wood in the pile so that the flames after a while appeared to leap and dance, distributing light into the dark evening and warmth to all of us gathered round.

The picture I see of the East Texas Area lighthouses is similar.  Instead of campfires, though, they are “firecamps.”  The people are gathered around Jesus, the Light of the World.  The “fire” of His Presence is of holiness, majesty, and glory.  The people worship and pray.  The meetings are worship and prayer meetings.  As the people lift their hearts collectively to their King, He does what only He can do — He strengthens, heals, sets free, restores, and gives revelation, including the mission for their communities.

In this season, some lighthouses are on mission to do firecamps only.  The firecamps can be held in a building, in a park, or in a car on prayer drives through the community.  Other lighthouses are on mission to do outreach by taking worship, prayer and the Word into places the Lord leads them such as pregnancy help centers, restaurants, or nursing homes.

What is important is simply following the Lord’s plan for each lighthouse to further His kingdom.

However the Lord leads the group, each individual is to light his/her torch in the fire before going out into the bigger world.  All of us are called to be torch-bearers for Jesus as we bring His glorious Light into our families, our neighborhoods, and wherever we go.

Hold your torch high as you go, and as you go together as a lighthouse, see how big and bright the light is that radiates Jesus’ love!

Lynda Moore

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