Prayer Drives?

Not everyone has a car with wings, but one of the most effective ways to get in touch with what is going on in your neighborhood or broader community is a prayer drive.   You might wonder what a prayer drive entails.   It does NOT mean you are obligated to spend eight hours circling your local school, nor does it mean you spend an hour in the car with your friends discussing your favorite recipes, then close with a quick prayer.  A prayer drive is a journey you take with a small group of people to hear God’s heart about a particular location or area.

The foundation for the prayer drive is laid prior to the event, as it is helpful to ask the Holy Spirit where He would like you to explore in prayer. Of course, it is wise to remain open to His instruction as you are in the midst of the prayer drive, as God sometimes likes to adjust our plans as we move along.  🙂

You may have a specific route designated in advance, or you may have only a general feeling of where you need to drive.  Either way, it is a good idea to begin your prayer drive with a worship song and/or a Psalm of praise (or other Scripture the Lord may bring to mind).   Assign someone to serve as a scribe to write down any observations, revelation, or verses the Holy Spirit brings to your attention.  Ask Him to show you areas of need in your community and how you might bless those areas of need in prayer.   Pray words of life, encouragement, and redemption over what you see.  Invite the Lord to reveal any spiritual roots that are hindering Kingdom growth in specific parts of your community:   freemasonry, occultism, extreme poverty, overt material wealth, etc.

When your prayer drive is over, begin asking the Lord as a team what He would have you do in terms of follow-up.  He may direct you to develop an outreach at a specific place, or He may lead you to continue to drive and pray.   Either way, prayer drives are a low-risk, highly informative means of connecting with God’s heart for your communities and neighborhoods; moreover, praying together for your community also connects your team members with one another.   Wings or no wings, a prayer drive is a meaningful way to develop relationships and spiritual insight among those in your group.

P.S.  You might consider reading the article on the use and misuse of spiritual authority prior to your prayer drive.