Speaker Savvy



If your feel God is directing your group to invite someone to speak at an upcoming meeting, there are a few points you should consider prior to inviting anyone to fill that role:

  1. Does your speaker lead a ministry?  If so, it is important to evaluate the speaker’s willingness to undergird your group.   Is he or she motivated to meet the needs of your Aglow lighthouse in a spiritually supportive way, or is this speaker more interested in building his or her own ministry?
  2. Ensure that the speaker receives current information about Aglow International.  If he or she has spoken  for Aglow groups in the past, a conversation may be in order regarding the changes in the ministry in recent years.
  3. Communicate clearly the time limit for your speaker and invite him or her to assist your leadership team in ministering to those in attendance at your meetings.   Your leadership team is in charge of the meeting; your speaker is not.   He or she should be willing to come alongside you and your team to minister at the conclusion of the program.
  4. Ask yourself what this person will bring to your group that is new and fresh.   For example, does he or she have God’s perspective on current events, particular gifts in equipping others and imparting vision, skill in workshops for team-building, or perhaps prophetic expression that leads to transformation?

Speakers should be people who have the capacity to contribute to the growth of your Aglow lighthouse and encourage the spiritual development of your leaders.  They should give evidence of being good team players, not a one-man show.   After all, good leaders should be giving away what they have and raising up a crowd of new leaders in their wake!