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Living from a Platform of Peace

HaKotelDo you ever feel as if you are barely hanging on wherever life has taken you?  Are you hanging on by your fingernails, or are you flourishing, even on the wall of adversity?  Sometimes I feel as if I am about to fall into the nether reaches of a deep pit.   What precipitates this sense of peril?  It is not always the greatest challenges that shake my stability; instead, it is often the smaller disturbances that disrupt my internal sense of peace, particularly concerns about the people I love most.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me recently and revealed to me that this loss of peace was rooted in fear; He gently said, “You are not trusting me with ___________ [insert a situation or the name of a person you love].”  I immediately acknowledged that He had put a finger on a part of my heart that, in fact, did NOT trust Him!

Since that moment, I have been learning to function from a more solid platform of peace; although I certainly have not mastered the art of flourishing on the wall, I am becoming a better student of that art!  First, when faced with a challenge or a worry, I need to ask myself where I am sitting, as my position will determine my perspective on that challenge.  Ephesians 2:6  states that God “… raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ Jesus [the Messiah, the Anointed One]” (AMPC).  The perspective from the heavenly realm with the Lord will certainly prove different from my own human perspective!  How do I practice this approach?  I literally imagine myself running into God’s arms and jumping into His lap!  I then ask Him to give me His vision and His perspective on my situation.  I also take great comfort in being seated with my heavenly Daddy.

Secondly, I ask myself where I am planted. Although I am well aware that Paul instructs us to be rooted and grounded in Christ, I must confess that my heart often feels uprooted and transplanted to rocky soil or soil full of sorrow or despair.  The Holy Spirit is able to re-ground me and refresh me; He reminds me that my roots are in Jesus.  I am learning to submit my disturbed feelings — fears, unbelief, doubts, dis-ease — to Jesus; I do not deny my emotions, but I release them to Him.  It is His nature and character to comfort, heal, and encourage me.  I ask Him to help my thoughts reflect Who He is.  He is faithful to do that, as He has given to every person a measure of faith, and Jesus Himself is the author and finisher of that faith.  We can trust Him with our doubts, fears, and anxieties!

Finally, I am practicing what Psalm 149 describes as a powerful weapon of warfare:  verbal praise.   Praise is particularly powerful when expressed from a position of rest.  We read in verses five and six:  “Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud on their beds.  Let the high praises of God be in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hand” (NKJV).  The rest of that psalm describes the effects of that kind of praise in the spiritual realm.

Operating from a position of peace means to assume the correct position (be seated in heavenly places and be rooted and grounded in Jesus).  Father, help me to remember my assigned seat with You and to stay connected to the ROOT!  Empower me to wield spiritual weapons rightly with Your high praises in my mouth and Your two-edged sword in my hand.  Praise will defeat the enemies of my soul and the enemies of those I love.  Praise will invite the Presence of Jesus Christ into every situation and circumstance.


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Too Busy to Commit

imagesEL7HPQ98 It seems we are pressured on every side — pressured at our workplaces, pressured by our children’s schools, activities, and emotional needs, pressured to perform.  No matter how much time and effort we invest, we fall short of the expectations of others.   No matter how much time we donate to a project, someone always seems to demand more.  As a result, we are instinctively afraid of commitment; the mere thought of commitment sets us up, it seems, for failure.  We realize ahead of any commitment that we are miserably incapable of fulfilling our promises, particularly in the face of the tyranny of the urgent that constantly demands our attention.

Perhaps we have an incorrect understanding of what commitment really is.   The word is derived from Latin roots that mean with and to put or place.  Commitment, then, actually means to be positioned or place WITH someone or something.  In fact, when Jesus came to earth to be clothed in human flesh, he committed to being placed on earth as a real man in a very real human setting.   He agreed with the Father to be positioned among men and to live as one of us.  His commitment led Him to the cross, where He, the sinless GOD-WITH-US, even became sin on our behalf that we might be redeemed for all eternity (see 2 Corinthians 5:21).  What if our Savior had refused to commit and had thereby failed to be placed with us in our humanity?   We would not have a hope of salvation!

Perhaps we need to rethink our position on commitment.   Instead of avoiding commitment, what if we asked God where He wants to place or position us?   All we need to do is agree with Him and allow Him to put is where He has ordained us to function.   HIS power and HIS strength will then sustain us.   If I refuse to allow God to position me in my proper place, there will be a gap on the pegboard in the spot designed for me.   I will then wonder why He is not using me as a tool for His Kingdom.

Father, forgive me for my fear of commitment!  I DO commit to YOU, Lord!  Help me to agree with You to be placed exactly where You have determined I should function and to remember that Your Holy Spirit will empower me for every task You ordain for me to do!

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