ETA Team photo



to glorify Jesus Christ and carry the truth of His Kingdom that:

Restores people to a radiant place of relationship with God and one another;

Breaks the tyranny of oppression;

Brings freedom and empowerment.



Christine Ege — President

Mary Daniel — Vice-President of Financial Development

Lynda Moore — Vice-President of Ministry Development

Like a family, we don’t just stick to the minimal tasks that are part of our job descriptions; even though each one of us fills a specific role, there are many areas in which we overlap to support and undergird one another.   We are allowing ourselves to be stretched by God to serve you better!   Please feel free to contact us regarding any need or concern you may have.   Our job is to facilitate YOUR growth and help you understand what God has called you to do and be! 



2 responses to “TEAM

  1. Georgia Hanson

    I Love and appreciate our East Area team. I had such a good time at iur leaderahip meeting. Thank you Chris for opening your home to us. I love our Lighthouse.


  2. Georgia Hanson

    I love and appreciate you all. I had such a good time at the last leadership meeting.

    I love your website.


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